Friday, December 30, 2011

I'll Love You Tomorrow

This past month has been a complete blur! After finishing up the semester, I came home and helped get Kyle all packed to move. We moved all of his stuff up to Gainesville the weekend before Christmas and had a great time arranging everything the way we wanted it.

 The next week was pretty stressful trying to get all of the last minute Christmas things done plus Wedding activities. Christmas was even crazier than normal. We've celebrated Christmas with both families for years now, but with Sunday being Christmas everyone's schedule were off. We ended up having to do a lot of things at different times than normal and it was much harder on us than any previous year. Also, neither of our families have ever really had to "share" holidays before, so they don't like that we're not with our family the whole time. We did get this awesome plaque from FSIL for our house!

These past two weeks, Kyle was working trying to make some extra money. I'm so thankful that he thinks about things like that and wants to make sure that we'll be okay starting out. Unfortunately, it kept him from being around much before the wedding and my stress level hit the roof. I really don't like getting upset with people and this whole week I've felt like every detail ended up as a battle. I'll be so thankful when there are no more details to worry about. I feel like all of the details are done, and yet every time I turn around my mom has this whole list of things I just don't think matter. It's been highly frustrating!

Only 1 more day!!!!

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  1. awh.. it is almost done. try to remember to breathe. In one day you will be his Mrs... and you wont remember all the stressful details... you will just remember how you feel. :) Good luck on the day! and congrats!