Saturday, September 10, 2011

I Want to Hold You Close

I have been a horrible blogger and there is just so much going on! I completely moved into the apartment and got everything set up. I can't wait for Kyle to be able to move in with me!

I started my full time internship! I'm working in a Kindergarten classroom. It's been very challenging, but I absolutely love it1! I can't wait to finish my program and be able to have my old classroom. The kids are hilarious and I keep meaning to start a compilation of all the great things they have said. One day, when asked what word the sounds i-ce make the student replied, "lets just say hippo!" Sometimes it's just so hard not to laugh! If you need a self-esteem boost you should definitely visit a kindergarten classroom. Not only have my outfits been complimented on a regular basis, but I have been told I look like ICarly, am a little boy's 'girl/honey', and have been told numerous times a day that I'm loved.

One weekend, we threw one of the girls in our cohort a baby shower. She's expecting a little boy named Landon at the end of the year.

Kyle and I were able to pick out our wedding bands and the tuxes this past month!
Our wedding bands

 Groom's Tux

We also went to my Uncle's wedding this past weekend. It was nice to have Kyle up here for the long weekend! We also got to see my whole family, which always seems to be full of craziness! Apparently, now that my cousin's married and I'm engaged we're allowed to be in on the drama. The two of us were pulled aside multiple times throughout the night for someone to tell us about something going on that we shouldn't tell anyone about...No wonder there's no secrets in my family!