Saturday, July 9, 2011

I'll Be Your Strong and Steady

This past week has been pretty slow! I went home last weekend to spend a few days with my family because my brother had a week off of school. He goes to a year round college and they only have a few weeks off a year, so whenever he's off I try to be able to see him. While I was home Kyle and I were able to start our pre-marriage counseling. I think it went pretty well, we both already knew what our strengths and weaknesses were. I think this will give us a great opportunity to work on things that we just haven't had to deal with living so far apart.

I also bought my wedding shoes and they came in this week. I absolutely love them!!! I have now bought my entire wedding outfit online!
I'm currently dog sitting for my parents while they go on vacation. Despite the rainy days that have dominated this week Brinkley is loving the rain! He's such a crazy dog! I've never met a dog who loves water as much as he does!
After a particularly rainy walk!

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  1. Love those gorgeous shoes and your dog is soooooo cute!!!